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Our Airflow treatment removes simple tooth staining caused by red wine, tea, coffee, and smoking. It can help to improve the lustre of teeth and make them feel incredibly fresh and clean. Although not a tooth whitening treatment, the airflow will improve tooth brightness and can be an immediate, cost-effective way to help bring back that sparkle to your smile*

What is Airflow polishing?

Airflow polishing is a new hygiene cleaning treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water and sodium bicarbonate to polish and clean your teeth dramatically during your hygiene visits. The treatment is not a chemical treatment and therefore there will be no risk to patients of any irritation or chemical burns. Airflow polishing is an advanced version of a scale and polish treatment, but the patient will walk away the same day with amazing, clean results. 

How does Airflow polishing work?

The Airflow polishing system shoots a high pressured blast of water, bicarbonate (variety of flavours), and air through a small nozzle onto the surfaces of the patients teeth and has been proven to be an effective tool at removing stains and plaque. Airflow is able to get into the nooks and crannies of your teeth, giving you an overall effective, good clean, leaving you with fresh, healthy teeth and gums.