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Straighten your teeth discretely with clear aligners

Invisalign has revolutionised the treatment of misaligned teeth. If you wish for straight, aligned teeth, you need not settle for uncomfortable traditional braces!

Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. You will be fitted with removable, clear aligners that have been specifically crafted to fit your teeth. You wear them for 22 hours each day for a prolonged period as they gently adjust your teeth to produce a straighter, beautiful smile.

Benefits Of Invisalign Over A Traditional Brace

So, besides the cosmetic benefits of using Invisalign to obtain the perfect set of teeth, what other advantages does this innovative product have over the traditional metal brace?

Invisible Appearance

Invisalign trays are virtually invisible! They are clear, so they don't detract from your face or smile


Invisalign trays are made of smooth plastic making Invisalign much more comfortable than traditional metal braces. There are no sharp/extruding edges or pieces of Invisalign and the trays are custom made to fit your teeth and mouth

Improved Cleanliness

Invisalign trays are removable – when you are ready to brush and floss your teeth just remove the trays, clean your teeth, then pop them back in. The trays themselves can also be cleaned

Saves Time

With Invisalign you will be able to spend less time at the orthodontist or dentist’s office as they only need to be maintained every 6 weeks on average.

Eat The Foods you Enjoy

Food restrictions are one of the worst parts about teeth straightening with many orthodontic options. These issues are not a problem for Invisalign. You can remove the trays and eat whatever you want

Beautifully Straight Teeth

The results speak for themselves  and Invisalign leads to beautifully straight teeth and a wonderful smile. Possibly the best reason to use Invisalign!

Trying to imagine how your teeth would look if they were straight is a thing of the past. We can show you a 3D digital video of your teeth now and after the treatment with an Invisalign ClinCheck.

A ClinCheck is usually performed after your Free Invisalign Consultation. There is a small cost to creating the before & after, which is discounted from the price of the treatment if you decide to go ahead.