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Root Canal Treatments

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Root canal treatment is required when the blood or nerve supply (dental pulp) of a tooth becomes infected through decay or injury. All these factors allow the oral bacteria to invade and infect the dental pulp, inducing symptoms of pain, sensitivity, and discomfort to hot, cold, and while chewing. It is carried out to save the tooth and prevent infection spreading through the root canal system.

Some of the common symptoms of an infected dental pulp are as follows
Pain upon chewing
Sensitivity to hot and cold
Swelling or puffiness of the face in the affected area
Tooth discoloration
Abscess flowing from the affected area

It is crucial to inspect and treat an infected tooth as soon as possible.

After performing clinical and x-ray assessments, your dentist will numb the tooth, drill to access the dental pulp, clean and disinfect the infected dental pulp with the help of specialised instruments and finally fill it.
Most treatments usally take two visits.
In most cases, a crown is then required to protect the tooth.
It is possible to remove the tooth but it is always best to keep your natural teeth if possible