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All Teeth Missing

Fixed teeth in a day


If you have no teeth, or all of your remaining teeth need to be removed, or you are struggling with poorly fitting dentures, then Dental Implants are often the best solution

It is possible to replace all missing teeth with a full mouth of fixed dental implants, or an implant retained denture.

Fixed teeth in a day/ SAME DAY TEETH


If you have no teeth or are about to lose your remaining teeth, immediate full arch dental implants can be considered to replace all of your teeth.

At Wood Dental, we provide life-changing full arch Dental Implant treatments to our patients who require all of their teeth replacing at the same time. Our Implant team are able to perform full arch reconstructions, giving our patients back a functional and beautiful smile. So if you are worried about having to live with missing teeth, there is no need, we can help you.

There is no need to compromise with loose or ill-fitting dentures. If you are about to lose all of your teeth or you have already lost your teeth, it may be possible to provide ‘same day teeth’ or ‘fixed teeth in a day’.

On the same day that the dental implants are placed, you are fitted with a fantastic set of fixed natural-looking temporary teeth. This means you will not be left with gaps at any stage and won’t need to wear dentures while the healing takes place. After three months, the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent new teeth, which will not only feel fantastic but they will also function and feel like natural teeth.

Benefits of the Fixed Full Arch of Dental Implants

Our patients will never go without teeth at any time throughout the treatment process. This treatment will provide our patients with a full set of replacement teeth that feel and function as close to healthy natural teeth as is possible.

Implant Retained Dentures

It is possible to retain loose dentures with a small number of dental implants for a more secure and comfortable fit without the need for sticky adhesive. Implant retained dentures are held securely in place by a number of dental implants, meaning they are stable in function and can still be easily be removed for cleaning.

They offer a cost effective solution for replacing a full set of teeth. Implant retained dentures offer security and improved function allowing you to eat the foods you love without the worry of your teeth falling out.